ActiveSocial creates better engagement and create deeper relationships through 1-on-1 conversations with customers that build loyalty and resolve service issues.

Create a dialogue that makes your brand more social and amplifies programs for both marketing and customer service. We curate and share the best content from the national brands you offer.


For marketing teams, we provide a dynamic and interactive social presence that will make it easier to drive awareness, increase digital word-of- mouth, develop brand advocates and grow your audience through 1-on- 1 engagement.


We develop fresh content that resonates with your audience as well as curate and share the best content from the national brands you offer.


ActiveSocial blends both automated and human out reach. ActiveSocial is highly flexible, designed to provide the level of support and interaction your brand needs for everything from campaign launches to seasonal surges.

  • Engage more customers and create more appreciation with 1-on- 1 conversations.
  • Easily identify the conversations that require a response from customer service, support, or social engagement.
  • Escalate and funnel customer inquiries to the appropriate group for response.
  • Reach out to customers and convert them into loyalists, and turn loyalists into advocates.

Platforms Available

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Meet with one of our agents today to discuss your companies specific engagement needs and allow us to create an audience engagement strategy tailored to meet the goals and budget of your business.